20 Edgy A-Line Haircuts You are Going to Love

A Line Haircuts


An A-line haircut is shorter at the back and longer at the front. While the contrast between front and back can be dramatic or subtle, all A-line haircuts have this same angled silhouette. A versatile option, A-line cuts are especially flattering on round face shapes as they make them look longer and slimmer.


1. Short A-Line Haircut

A short A-line haircut – also known as an A-line bob, angled bob, or inverted bob – is a classic look. Fresh and feminine, the cut has a ‘60s feel, so it suits women who love the retro style. Plus, because the longer front pieces fall below your jawline, the haircut looks flattering on most face shapes.
Short A Line Haircut


2. A-Line Haircut with Bangs

A-line haircuts are very versatile and look great when paired with bangs. If you are opting for a straight A-line cut, try thick, blunt bangs to compliment the angular shapes in the rest of your hair. If your A-line cut is more textured and wavy, side-swept or blended bangs will look great.
A Line Haircut With Bangs


3. Layered A-Line Haircut

A layered A-line haircut is perfect for women with thin hair. That is because the layers create the illusion of more volume, while the A-line shape adds structure and movement. For best results, style your A-line cut with textured waves – the result is cool yet understated and sexy hair.


Layered A Line Haircut


4. Long A-Line Haircut

A long A-line haircut looks chic and stylish. The hair falls like a curtain, adding length to your face and making it appear slimmer at the same time. Try a sleek and straight style without layers to create a professional and elegant result.


Long A Line Haircut


5. Haircut for Thin Hair

Another great option for thin hair is a classic piece-y A-line bob. In this haircut, your stylist will add subtle layers and distinct, separate pieces to make your hair appear thicker and more voluminous. You could consider adding lowlights and highlights to give your hair even more dimension and make it look fuller.


Haircut For Thin Hair


6. Shoulder Length A-Line Haircut

Like other medium styles, shoulder-length hair looks great with an A-line cut. If your hair is thick, the A-line cut will take some of the weight out and give your hair a more defined shape. For those with finer hair, an A-line cut can add movement and dimension, especially when paired with highlights and layers.


Shoulder Length A Line Haircut


7. Curly A-Line Haircut

A-line cuts aren’t just for straight hair – most stylists recommend cutting curly hair on an angle to prevent the ‘triangle hair’ effect. An A-line style will also take some of the weight out of your hair – making it easier to style – and add structure, so it doesn’t look like one mass of curls. At the same time, your face will still be framed by beautiful curly ringlets and tendrils.


Curly A Line Haircut


8. Haircut for Wavy Hair

Naturally, wavy hair already has excellent texture and movement, which will be accentuated by an A-line cut. If you have this hair type, try a choppy A-line bob or lob for a rock ‘n’ roll finish. Plus, the shorter back sections will make your hair lighter and easier to style, while the longer front pieces will still frame your face beautifully.


Haircut For Wavy Hair


9. Very Short A-Line Haircut

A very short A-line haircut is a modern and textured take on a pixie cut. The different hair lengths give the style dimension and movement, making it a great way to shake up your look if you already have short hair. To adapt it to flatter your face shape, try an asymmetric or side-swept style.


Very Short A Line Haircut


10. Straight A-Line Lob

The straight A-line lob is a sophisticated look for women who have a polished sense of style. Sleek, smooth, and without layers, it’s a simple haircut that still has an impact. Due to the long front sections, the straight A-line lob suits most women. However, it can be even more flattering with a sharp center part or side part, depending on your face shape.


Straight A Line Lob


11. Cute A-Line Haircut

For a hair with a fun, youthful flair, try adding long layers to a short A-line cut, then styling with loose waves. The contrast between the long, wavy front sections and the textured short back sections will make your hair look extra cute and carefree.


Cute A Line Haircut


12. Classy A-Line Bob

Precision is critical when it comes to creating a classy A-line bob. Chic and sleek, this style combines a smooth finish with expertly cut face-framing pieces and perfectly blended layers. Because the classy A-line bob is such a polished, professional cut, it suits older women and those with a sophisticated fashion sense.


Classy A Line Bob


13. Dramatic A-Line Haircut

A-line cuts are all about creating shapes and angles, which makes them perfect for adding a touch of drama to your hair! A razor-sharp exaggerated A-line cut, paired with a blunt fringe, commands attention and will ensure all eyes are on you. Add a bold color such as purple or red, and you have the ultimate dramatic haircut.


Dramatic A Line Haircut


14. Choppy A-Line Bob

A choppy haircut is ideal for creating a lot of volume and movement in your hair because it features layers that are defined, asymmetrical, chunky, and uneven. Choppy cuts tend to stand out from the crowd and look great on wavy or straight hair. Relaxed and laidback, a choppy A-line bob is a trendy hairstyle with a fun and carefree attitude.


Choppy A Line Bob


15. Punk A-Line Haircut

Punk haircuts are known for their sharp lines, edgy angles, and asymmetric pieces. An A-line punk haircut will involve an extreme contrast between the long and short sections and be cut on a sharper angle than more natural A-line haircuts.


Punk A Line Haircut


16. Softly Textured A-Line Lob

One of the most on-trend hairstyles is a soft textured A-line lob. Because it doesn’t require layers and falls past the jawline, the haircut is flattering on almost every face shape and easy to style. Put your spin on the look by dyeing your hair a bold color like pink, or opt for a classic blonde shade for that perfect beachy summer look.


Softly Textured A Line Bob


17. Straight and Slick A-Line Bob

A classic hairstyle that still feels contemporary, the slick A-line bob is an excellent option for women who stand out from the crowd with their polished and powerful style. The haircut’s ultra-sleek and shiny finish, combined with sharp angles, make a bold style statement.


Straight And Slick A Line Bob


18. Textured A-Line Bob

Light, feathery, short layers, and gentle waves look beautiful when paired with an A-line bob. The soft texture gives the style an airy, feminine, and ‘undone’ look without seeming messy. It’s a romantic style that’s perfect for special occasions or everyday wear.


Textured A Line Bob


19. Medium Length A-Line Haircut

Medium hair is the perfect, not too short, not too long length. A medium-length A-line haircut sees the longest front pieces fall to your collarbones, while the back is much shorter. While the cut looks excellent styled straight and sleek, it stands out when paired with textured wavy layers.


Medium Length A Line Haircut


20. Angled A-Line Bob

The A-line bob is a versatile cut that can be adapted to suit every style. For those who want to make a striking style statement, a sharper angled A-line bob, without layers, is an excellent choice. Edgy yet sophisticated, the cut looks best when styled smooth and sleek and also looks great with a solid hair color such as black or platinum blonde.


Angled A Line Bob


How to Cut A-Line Bob at Home?

Love the A-line bob look? Don’t be afraid to try the cut yourself at home. YouTuber Sharee Anonuevo has a simple technique that even beginners can follow. Her method involves dividing the hair into three sections and using a combination of a hair razor, shaver, and scissors to create a super chic angled A-line bob in just a few minutes.



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