12 Modern Feathered Hair Ideas for Women of All Ages

Are you curious about trying a feathered hairstyle? Go for it! Modern feathered hair includes a number of trendy cuts that were made popular in the 1970s. The layered airy look is comfortable and easy to wear throughout the day. Find what you need in our comprehensive guide featuring different versions of this timeless favorite. Take into account your preferences and face shape, look through and choose a few feathered haircuts that you may want to try.

1- Classic Short Pixie Feathered Cut. Women in their 30s or 40s will certainly appreciate this classic feathered short cut. Not only will it add more glamour to your overall look, but it also makes you look even younger than you really are.

2- Imperfectly Perfect Feathered Crop. If you like styling your hair but do not like straight lines, then this messy ultra-short cut can be your perfect choice. Plus, all you need is some hair mousse to style it, and the lively textured cut will look its best.

3- Feathered Pixie Bob Haircut. The elegant pixie bob will enhance your best facial features rather than just hide them in case you have an oval face. It is also a perfect refreshing hairstyle for those who are looking for a change.

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