12 Cute Coffin Nails You’ll Fall in Love With

If you like many others love the coffin nail shape, then you are in for a treat. We have been searching on Instagram for cute coffin nails and today we have 23 of the best designs to show you. You will find quirky patterns, glam manicures with rhinestones, stylish nail art and more. These are perfect for those who love having their nails done and are in need of some fresh and new design inspiration. There is a mani to suit all occasions and you can even try some of the nail art at home. So, read on and see which design is your favorite.


The first nail idea that we have to show you is so cute and colorful! Here we have matte black coffin nails. Each one is decorated with small stars in different bright colors. It is such a fun and pretty idea. We love the matte black because it makes the other colors stand out. You can recreate this look with similar nail colors and a star stencil which can be bought online.


Butterflies have become so popular for nail art and with designs like this, we can see why! This manicure features long coffin nails. Some are painted a neutral tone while the others are white. The neutral nails are decorated with rhinestones and the white with beautiful butterfly wings. As you can see, the wings look stunning when put together. This is a gorgeous idea and the design can be recreated in any color.


Another must-have look is gradient nail art. A gradient is when the colors change from one shade to another. There are different ways to create this look. You can use an ombre effect on your nails or you can paint each nail in a different shade which creates the color change. Below is a beautiful example of how to wear it. Each nail is painted in a different shade from pink to yellow. As you can see, the color change is stunning. This is a fun and bright look. Recreate this or use different colors.

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