Top 5 Damaged Hair Repair Products

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We looked into the best products you should be using if you have bleached, dry or damaged hair and put them in order of our favorites.
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A large majority of the most desirable colors my clients are asking for require bleaching to achieve the look. This combined with the flat irons and wands that heat up to 500 degrees isn’t great for anyone hair health!

I get asked all the time what deep conditioning hair masks to use and so, the list is born!!

5: Moroccan Oil – Intensive Hydrating Mask ($52 – 16.9oz)

Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask is formulated for medium to thick hair that is dry. Antioxidant-rich argan oil gives the hair nourishment and hydrate it while dramatically improving natural texture, elasticity, shine, and manageability.This is a great mask for moisture especially if you have thick hair but it can be a little heavy if you don’t so keep in mind.

What people are saying:
” I love this product. Been using it for a couple of years now and it still leaves my hair smooth, bright, and manageable. It’s a little pricey it but a little goes a long way.” -Moroccan Oil Customer

Where to buy:

Moroccan oil is ONLY sold through partner salons nationwide or you can find it here!

4: It’s a 10 – Miracle Hair Mask ($21 – 8oz)

Miracle Hair Mask was developed to keep up with the changing demands of today’s hair. Simple to use conditioning treatment made to be flexible enough to be used as a daily conditioner and also an intensive hair mask for dry, damaged or over-processed hair. This is definitely the msot widely found hair mask on this list as it is not limited to being sold in salons and online.

What people are saying:
“After the first time I used It’s a 10 miracle mask, I combed through my wet hair with a wide tooth comb…it glided through the strands of over bleached hair. Even when dry, it’s less frizzy and easier to brush. I swear my hair looks fuller and healthier. I’m very happy with this product!” –It’s a 10 Customer

Where to buy:

Can find in any Ulta, local salons or here on Amazon

3: Davines – Nou Nou Hair Mask ($30 – 250ml)

Nou Nou Hair Mask is for dry or damaged that needs nourishing or repair. Ideal for clients with fine hair that has been highlighted, relaxed or bleached. It is formulated to give body and not weight the hair down. Keep in mind if you have thick hair and more body is not what you are going for.

What people are saying:
“I found out about this product at my local salon. My hairdresser used it after dying my hair. When I got home, my cat kept smelling and licking my hair because it smelled incredible! I have the shampoo as well but purchased the hair mask to help hydrate my hair. It works great and smells delicious. My hair is so soft after using this product.” – Davines Customer

Where to buy:

Davines is sold through partner salon or check it on out here!

2: Shu Uemera – Silk bloom hair mask ($68 – 5oz)

A repairing hair mask for damaged hair that infuses moisture and restorative ingredients, such as Vitamin E and Argan Oil, to reinforce the hair fiber’s structure and resilience. Leaves damaged hair firm, smooth and shiny without any unwanted weight. Safe on color-treated hair.

What people are saying:
“Silk Bloom Collection is the best I’ve ever tried!! My hair (long, blonde colored) looks simply fabulous!!” – Shu Uemera Customer

Where to buy:

Shu Uemera is sold through partner salons but you can also get it right HERE!

1: Olaplex No. 3 ($34 – 3.3oz)

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Olaplex No.3. is your insurance policy for while you are at home. Restore your hair from the thermal and mechanical styling you do on your own. You probably don’t realize this but if you are a regular hot tools user you are doing more damage to your hair at home than you could get in the salon! Olaplex in a whole is a 3 step system. Steps No.1 and No. 2 are done in salon only and No. 3 is your at home treatment. Olaplex has 2 reactive ends that cross links single sulfur hydrogen bonds to form disulfide bonds. This means it is formulated to go inside of the hair and can rebuild it from within. This is a patented product that has major beauty brands across the board scrambling to try and recreate!

What people are saying:
“This really works a miracle on my hair. I color and highlight and about 2 weeks after getting it colored, my hair starts to look dry and lifeless. I use Olaplex 3 and my hair transforms to shiny and bouncy. It’s really amazing. Will continue to use it as long as I can” – Olaplex Customer

Where to buy

Olaplex’ System is only performed in salons like Makers Make Parlor where you can also find No. 3 or you can also buy it direct from Makers Make Parlor, RIGHT HERE!!

Without a doubt, there is something for everyone on this list!

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