12 Styles For A Curly Pixie Cut To Ask For

A curly pixie cut can reveal a curly pattern you never knew you had! Find out how cutting your curly locks short can make them even more defined, distinctive, and stylish.

Curly pixie cut may not be the first thing in mind when you want a makeover. But a short wavy or curly pixie is great if you are looking for a way to cut your hair in style. If you have naturally curly hair, a pixie cut can add life to your tresses.

How to Style a Curly Pixie Cut Like a Star

With so many hairstyles these days, a curly pixie cut is definitely worth a try, especially when you are a woman of style and fashion. But how would you style it? Simple – you’ll need some safe hair styling products and your magical hands to do it. Pixies require very little effort to maintain them. You only need a willingness to do so. It’s exciting, right?

Tight Girly Curls on Short Pixie

Sometimes, you get tired of having long hair too and that you would want a curly pixie cut. The real beauty of a hairstyle doesn’t define the length of your locs but on how you carry it with confidence and style. This would be perfect, especially when you have naturally curly hair.

So, if you seek something simple yet fashionably recommended by experts, opt for this short curly pixie cut if you have tight curls. It’s stunning!

Full on Top Curly Pixie

Black women are blessed with gorgeous curls that even having a curly pixie cut is something that everyone would ask for. And no, you don’t have to be a black woman to sport this gorgeous haircut. Regardless of your race, for as long as you have curls, or even when you want your hair permed to achieve this look, you are in!

This pixie cut for curly hair looks professional yet fun and chic at the same time!

Neat and Wavy Pixie Style

If you are looking for a curly pixie cut that gives you both a professional and stylish look, this neat and wavy pixie style is great for you. Your hair color doesn’t matter, but if you are an adventurous woman, go for bold colors like blonde to make it look chicer and eye-catcher!

To achieve this look, give a subtle one-sided style that would look like a curly pixie cut with bangs and neatly finger-comb your locs as desired.

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