The Best Bob Haircut Inspiration For Summer 2020

Short haircut is a popular hairstyle for women who like to have short hair. With this hairstyle, you have a choice of different styles. Layered, with short or long bangs, straight or curly.

Some quick facts about bob haircuts First discovered in France during the First World War when the nursing staff wore this style because it was comfortable.

The trend then spread in the United States in 1918 when the well-known ballroom dancer Irene Fort wore a bob and after the 1920s the bob hairstyle could no longer be ignored.

Hairdressers agreed on all levels. The bob haircut looks good on all women and is suitable for all hair types. It’s still extremely modern and doesn’t need a lot of styling. Disadvantages of bob hairstyles do not have many styling options.

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss’s chin sweeping cut was achieved by cutting off her long bob and feathering out the ends for a softer finish.

Jennifer Lopez

Famous hairdresser Chris Appleton changes Jennifer Lopez’s hair length seasonally, which means he recently gave us this sleek, honey-colored bob.

Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber, who was called “Drama Cut” by the young supermodel and her hairdresser Guido Palau, was another celebrity dedicated to the bob hairstyle trend.

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