The 24 Hottest Blonde Hair Looks to Copy This Summer

When you think of the breathtaking beach waves after a relaxing swim in the sea and the brightness of the bright sun on your hair, summer is the perfect time to go blonde. It’s a challenging process to determine the blonde hair color first. So when you’re ready to turn your hair blonde for the first time, you can go between blonde hair shades. Fortunately, here is a list of the hottest blonde hair colors in summer 2020 that will make this process easier for you. One side has completely slim, natural-looking colors like honey balayage and champagne highlights, on the other hand, bright colors for those who want to be bolder next summer, like strawberry blonde and pastel tones. Some of these hot blonde hair colors that are part of spring hair color trends will remain popular in summer 2020. So book a hair appointment as you will go blonde right after viewing these hottest blonde hair colors!


Source: @carachele

It sounds as tasty as it seems. This buttery and sweet hair color is again at the top of the list of summer hair color trends! Colorists define this gorgeous color as somewhere between a brunette and blonde, which is loved by those looking for natural blonde hair. So think of cream-colored soda blonde as your last goal before turning into a fully blonde.

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