12 Trendy Messy Bob Hairstyles You Might Wish to Try!

A messy bob can be of any length and for any hair type. The only thing that is a must for this hairstyle is a messy texture. It can be created with chopped layers, serrated ends, shaved strands and/or texture enhancing products like sea salt spray, texturing mousse, etc. Hairdressers have many valuable hacks to give your bob an effortless look.

Find your own ideal messy bob among these 12 super-trendy hairstyles you got from the best Instagram accounts:

1- Chic Messy Curls.

By Rachel

We love this neck-length bob that looks chic and beachy. Curls can help add height and volume that last all day.

2- Dark Messy Bob with a pony.

By Raven Camacho

Short messy bobs with dark hair look so chic! Pair with bangs if you want to draw attention to the eyes.

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