12 Perfect Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women Over 40

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You might think that hairstyles for women over 40 are less chic and eye-catching than hairstyles for younger people. However, these 50 looks will change your mind!

Welcome warm weather, sunshine, summer breeze, and… your new hair inspiration! We tend to shorten our styles to keep hair away from the neck, or at least slightly pull it back when it’s hot outside. However, there are ways to stay cool and keep the length you love when you’re not short. And if you feel brave and ready for locks cut off, there’s something for you too!

1- Large sun-kissed curls.

By Rebekah

When the hair shines like the sun, you can spray summer mood all year round.

2- Perfect for summer.

By bohobrushed

Probably one of the most popular youthful hairstyles, a long cut that works in waves. It will really take 10 years off your age.

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