20+ Edgy Short Hair Looks To Inspire Your Next Haircut

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They reflect a strong personality and can be opposed to feminine romantic styles with soft, flowing lines and sleek textures. Rough haircuts show the other side of femininity, and that’s pretty cool that a woman can be so different if she just changes a haircut. Funky hairstyles blend harmoniously into the modern casual style. And they also look hot for special occasions. Cut edges of your timeless favorite chin in chin-length or long, edgy bangs with a short elf are an excellent way to look fresh, young, and trendy. Sharp, rich layers and playing with textures lend a particularly ultra-modern flair that adapts your look to what is currently at the peak of fashion.

If you stick to medium or long haircuts, there is also a way to make them more edgy and chic. Below are examples of edgy short haircuts, medium, and long cuts with shaggy contours that you can use as an idea for your great spring renewal.

1: Edgy Platinum Spikes

Blonde may be a gentle, herbal appearance, however, platinum blonde constantly has a punchy, rock superstar vibe. When you’ve got uncovered roots from terrific quick hair…well, that just amps up the volume. This style also presents an excellent base for experiments with shiny or pastel dyes.

2: Color-Blocked Edgy Hair

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The great edgy hairstyles push creativity to the max. This impressive appearance has a structural great because of the specific reduction above the ear. Her hairstylist is a master now not handiest with scissors however with clippers too. On the pinnacle of it all, the one’s coloration mixtures are divine!

3: Short Edgy Stacked Bob

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You don’t attempt funky amusing colors to rock a wild appearance. If you want to maintain a greater natural color, then you definitely want to make certain the reduction has a few attitudes. Here, the fashion is created with lovable facet burn portions, facet bangs, and brief choppy layers with some extreme stacking within the lower back. Burgundy lips don’t hurt either!

4: Acid Green Edgy Cut

Acid greens and yellows are pretty much the only shades that could nevertheless impress us in this age of rainbow hair. What could be extra futuristic than acid hair? The color is mainly cool with a black or grey base. Layers permit the mix-healthy shades to combination beautifully.

5: Short Edgy Burgundy Pixie

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Red, burgundy, or maroon tones are a specific favored for edgy haircuts. These versatile sun shades look super against a number of skin tones. One essential detail for edgy hair is bold makeup. Short hair makes facial features stand out, so creative makeup allows entire the edgy look.

6: Asymmetrical Edgy Cut

source: hugosalon

This adorable pixie cut gets a jolt of sassiness from lengthy, sweeping side bangs. Asymmetry is a key element with short edgy cuts, and it works on just about anyone. Side bangs are up for grabs via women of any age, so if you’re seeking out something new that isn’t too excessive maintenance, this is probably it.

7: Edgy in Orchid Pink

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For a pixie cut in an effort to have humans wondering if you’re into cosplay, pick out one coloration as your thought after which amplify upon it with loads of hues. Here, bubble gum pink, fuchsia, and cotton candy pink blend together in a voluminous, piecey fashion.

8: Deep Edgy A-Line

source: donovanmillshair

While many brief edgy haircuts tend to be of the pieces, choppy variety, it’s also feasible to live sleek. For a sleek reduce that’s anything but boring, pick out a deep hue of pink or pink and make sure to contain asymmetry and point reduce ends. This aspect parted appearance has a few inches distinction in hair length between the front and back.

9: Edgy Choppy Crop

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If you need a quick funky cut that’s easy to fashion, this one’s for you. Put a touch mouse on clearly wavy hair and air dry. No brainer! Because the choppiness is SO crucial for fashion, you will want to get trims at least each month.

10: Dark Edgy Pixie Cut

It looks like some girls are just born for pixie cuts (the rest of us are scared of them). This cut is a traditional staple for any female who loves going quick. The back is smooth and sharp, the sideburn hair is longer in front of the ears, and the top is styled in a vaguely spiky manner. Why mess with perfection?

11: Edgy Ombre Crop

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For edgy bob haircuts that look young and modern, move for a dark to light ombre that fast transitions among the shades (due to the quick hair duration). We’ve seen many versions of ombre by means of now, and this one is a real standout. The dark roots and platinum ends lend aspect to the otherwise tender, silky bob.

12: Au Naturalle Edgy Hair

As a ways as making a natural coloration look edgy rather than dull, slight highlights move a long way. On the pinnacle of a multidimensional color, some suggested texture is a must. To make these gentle waves, strive the straightener method — bending hair one way after which the other.

13: Short Edgy Undercut

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Take edgy hair all the way to the brink via channeling a conventional men’s cut. Gender fluidity is modern, stylish, and chic. This undercut has some female elements because of how long the front portions are, permitting plenty of cute style options. Love it.

14: Piecey Edgy Bob

An edgy haircut should never make you look like you’re attempting too hard. For something lovely and clean, ask your stylist for an all-one length crop that skims the jaw corners and forehead. Lots of short layers and wavy texture will help supply it an ultra-modern messy appearance.

15: Asymmetrical Edgy Cut

Wow, the one’s colorations look stunning in the sunlight! To get the appearance, work skinny platinum blonde highlights at some stage in the hair after which add in all of your favorite sun shades. Feature the warm hues greater prominently and add within the greens and purples for an unexpected surprise.

16: Short Edgy Fireball

As lengthy as we live, we’ll all be obsessed with Rihanna circa 2010. Get that appropriate shade for yourself in case you dare. Short, choppy hair gives a notable base for the coloration, in particular, whilst blended with black. We’re dubbing this fashion “edgy glam.”

17: Goth Girl Edgy Cut

source: bleachedandblown

Some of the exceptional quick edgy haircuts have carelessness approximately them. If you like flipping your hair back and forth and aren’t the fussy type, then you definitely should select a haircut with plenty of movement. This reduces looks top-notch with 90s goth stimulated styling for the full I-don’t-care effect.

18: Edgy Burgundy Pixie Cut

For a quick funky reduction with a purpose to make you happy each morning (as a consequence giving you the vital suggestion to make sure your bangs are on fleek) choose a vibrant, flattering color. Burgundy with blue peek-a-boo highlights in the bangs might be an exceptional solution.

19: Messy and Edgy Lob

Here’s a reduce this is on the long stop of the edgy spectrum. Lobs appearance wonderful while styled with a combination of messiness and perfection. To create this bedhead fashion, use a salt spray or a sprig designed for braiding. That will create a few gritty textures.

20: Edgy Haircut with Dense Bangs

Keira Knightley’s haircut suggests that no longer every edgy cut features thin ends. Keira’s coiffure has a shattered texture, but her bangs are thinned out handiest a bit bit, remaining quite dense. Girls with lengthy face shape, feel loose to embrace the idea. Use mild maintain hair spray for the very last fixation.

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