20+ Edgy Short Hair Looks To Inspire Your Next Haircut

They reflect a strong personality and can be opposed to feminine romantic styles with soft, flowing lines and sleek textures. Rough haircuts show the other side of femininity, and that’s pretty cool that a woman can be so different if she just changes a haircut. Funky hairstyles blend harmoniously into the modern casual style. And they also look hot for special occasions. Cut edges of your timeless favorite chin in chin-length or long, edgy bangs with a short elf are an excellent way to look fresh, young, and trendy. Sharp, rich layers and playing with textures lend a particularly ultra-modern flair that adapts your look to what is currently at the peak of fashion.

If you stick to medium or long haircuts, there is also a way to make them more edgy and chic. Below are examples of edgy short haircuts, medium, and long cuts with shaggy contours that you can use as an idea for your great spring renewal.

1: Edgy Platinum Spikes

Blonde may be a gentle, herbal appearance, however, platinum blonde constantly has a punchy, rock superstar vibe. When you’ve got uncovered roots from terrific quick hair…well, that just amps up the volume. This style also presents an excellent base for experiments with shiny or pastel dyes.

2: Color-Blocked Edgy Hair

source: guy_tang

The great edgy hairstyles push creativity to the max. This impressive appearance has a structural great because of the specific reduction above the ear. Her hairstylist is a master now not handiest with scissors however with clippers too. On the pinnacle of it all, the one’s coloration mixtures are divine!

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