15 Best Pixie Haircuts for 2020

Modern Pixies are often paired with long aspect bangs or a shorter angled facet fringe. They are upgraded with uneven, spiky layers and undercuts. The evaluation of lengths, together with long hair on the pinnacle and very brief tapered sides and back could be very in. A top-notch concept for a pixie is to strive for a new elegant hair coloration you’ve in no way tried but have usually desired to. Now’s the time! Check all these editions and other lovely ideas — turn through!

1- Pixie Wedge

Finding a picture of a haircut you kinda dig, maybe the foundation for buying your imaginative and prescient throughout to a stylist. Keeping the top and aspects longer than a conventional pixie can upload volume, and change the shape accordingly. These small adjustments make this pixie linger near the borderline of turning into a Dorothy Hamill wedge; a testament to why it’s going to continually be a classic cut.

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