21 Cool Long Nail Design Trends of 2020

Have you ever regarded growing lengthy nails? Did you find out that your nails are too brittle to keep at a longer length? Well, whether you have nails that you develop naturally or you get your nails completed professionally, there are plenty of lengthy nail designs that you can put on your nails, regardless of their length. Most of the designs that you can use on longer nails can also be used on shorter nails, so if you are developing your nails out, you can nonetheless use some of the fun ideas that we are going to cowl in this guide.

1- White Stiletto Nails with a Starry Look

To create this look, you will want to paint your nails white. Make positive to use a few coats so that the white is opaque enough that you can no longer see the nail that you are painting. Then, pick out two nails to accent on each hand, and paint a single layer of gel nail glitter in the structure of stars on these nails.

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