12 Trending Balayage Short Hair Ideas for 2020

Whether your hair is a curly and layered or straight and blunt cut, a sure way to exhibit off beautiful locks is with a balayage quick hair look. Trying this new trend will accentuate the lines and curves of your natural hair texture and give your hairdo the greater pop it needs!

Balayage Short Hair

While the tender fades of shade utilized in the ombre method look higher on long hair, balayage highlights can be regarded as an alternative to ombre hair for shorter lengths. It’s a tremendous way to add depth, dimension, and visual interest to your bob or lengthy pixie.

1: Medium, Beachy Waves with Ombre Highlights

Do you nonetheless have holiday reminiscences lingering in the mind? This balayage offers an influence of dark hair long gone lighter in the sun. The soft waves and gentle brown tones are so in tune!

2: Soft Wavy Brown Bob with Shaggy Ends

This short hair balayage style will win the hearts of those who love natural-looking hair colors. Here again, we mix softness and shagginess for touchable and admirable locks. Beautiful!

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